Neutering special offer

20% off neutering campaign - 10 April until 30 JuneDid you know that neutering your pet can give them a happier, healthier life?

It’s that time of year when Spring fever is in the air. This also means our cats, dogs and rabbits go into mating mode.

Neutering your pet can mean the difference between a happy healthy pet and a litter of six costly new pets.

Luckily pet neutering prices are now discounted by an amazing 20% off (and 30% off for all members of The Healthy Pet Club) until 30th June – call us now to book.

What is neutering?

Neutering is a term used for surgical sterilisation of pets. For male cats, dogs and rabbits this is called castration and involves removal of both of their testicles. For females it is commonly called spaying and involves removal of their womb (uterus) and ovaries.

Benefits of neutering for cats

Male cats when they reach sexual maturity tend to get a very unpleasant smell to their urine which makes them quite ‘pongy’ to live with. Added to this they want to tell all the local female cats where they live and will tend to spray their urine round your house to advertise where they are.

Female cats will come into season every few weeks through most of the summer and advertise their fertility by calling loudly. They will want to get out and find a mate and if they manage this they may come home nine weeks later with a whole new batch of kittens to care for.

Benefits of neutering for dogs

Female dogs have a season every six months. During this time as well as being at risk of getting pregnant they will bleed just as female humans do. Also after their ‘season’ many develop a phantom pregnancy where they start to produce milk and hide away or nest as if they are having pups. During this time they are often very hormonal and sometimes a bit unpredictable. Neutering would remove this behaviour.

Male dogs, just like male cats, can detect any female in heat up to 3 miles away. They often try to break out or escape to hunt down a fertile female. It’s just their natural drive, but a simple castration operation means this wanderlust is removed.

Neutering offer

  • 20% off any cat, dog or rabbit neutering.
  • 30% off any cat, dog or rabbit neutering for members of Healthy Pet Club.
  • Pets neutered during promotion are given a voucher to take home. The voucher gives 20% discount off next purchase of Royal Canin and MiPet neutered pet diets.

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