Dental Treatment

Most pets will experience some dental problems in their lives. Unfortunately some begin at an early age and can be of a rather severe nature.

Regular dental checks are advised. The annual health check and booster vaccination appointment provides an ideal moment to assess these problems, together with other concerns such as parasite control, diet, etc.

Proper diet and the provision of ‘chews’ may help but active dental care such as brushing is much more effective. With a little commitment, these procedures are quite possible, especially if started at an early age.

When disease is evident then treatment will be needed. Ultra-sonic dental scaling under anaesthetic is often necessary to allow us to assess the underlying tooth roots and surrounding gum. Where disease has progressed, extractions may be required. Quite sophisticated specialist dental procedures are now available where these can be of benefit.

Teeth before and after a scale and polish.
Teeth before and after a scale and polish.