Keyhole (Laparoscopic) Bitch Spays

There are many reasons you may wish to spay your female dog. Neutering helps to prevent pyometra (a life-threatening infection of the womb), reduces the risk of mammary (breast) cancer and prevents unwanted pregnancies. This is achieved by removing the ovaries which are responsible for this.

At Beaumont Vets we are pleased to offer keyhole neutering surgery to clients for neutering in dogs over 8kg in size.


The benefits of keyhole spay compared to a traditional open approach are:

  1. There is significantly reduced postoperative pain.
  2. Halves the recovery time compared to a traditional spey (4-5 days as opposed to 10-14 days) meaning your dog can go back to normal exercise quicker.
  3. Two smaller incisions are made rather than one larger incision.
  4. No checks are required for suture removal although we would still recommend a check up to ensure your dog is doing well.
  5. Less risk of wound complications (swelling, ruptures, infection).
  6. Better visualisation of organs during surgery as the camera magnifies everything. This may allow us to pick up other problems in the abdomen.


The disadvantages of key hole spay compared to a traditional open approach are:

  1. A larger area of fur needs to be clipped.
  2. In the unlikely event of complications, conversion to open surgery may be required.
  3. Keyhole surgery is more expensive due to the expensive extra equipment and training that is required.
Key hole surgery taking place at our Kidlington branch