beaumont_services_oprthopaedicsWe perform many orthopaedic procedures at Beaumont Vet Group, including fracture repair, patellar luxation surgery and repair of ruptured cruciate ligaments.

The cruciate ligament is a very important ligament in the stifle (knee joint) of the dog. It helps to keep the joint stable and when there is instability of the joint it will create pain and lameness.

Traditionally, the lateral suture method is used to create an artifical ligament and stabilise the joint. A loop of surgical line is used to tie around the back of the stifle and through a hole drill through the tibia bone just below the joint. This loop is tightened and the joint becomes stable.

A more recent method is the MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) which alters the angle of the femur coming down on the tibia. This is done by cutting the top of the tibia and placing a titanium wedge. This alters the angle of the knee cap in relation to the top of the tibia and helps to stabilise the knee. We find that dogs that have had this newer procedure are using their operated leg much quicker than the dogs that have had the lateral suture method. For dogs above ten kilos this is our procedure of choice for correction of cruciate disease.

Both procedures require a minimum of 8 weeks convalescence after the procedure that involves limited exercise and physiotherapy.