The preparation room is the first area that your pet will enter after being admitted for treatment.

Initially your pet will have a clinical examination to ensure that all is well before undergoing an anaesthetic or procedure.

This may involve a blood sample being taken for pre-operative information or for diagnostic purposes.

Pre-medication is given before anaesthetic procedures and has a sedative effect to relax the patient and reduce stress. Pre-medication also gives pain relief and has the benefit of reducing the amount of general anaesthetic required.

Your pet will have an intravenous catheter placed prior to their anaesthetic and general anaesthesia is induced using an injectable agent through the intravenous catheter. Once the animal is asleep an endotracheal tube is placed in the airway to deliver oxygen and anaesthetic gases to the patient.

The anaesthetic machine in the preparation room is used when your pet is being prepared for surgery in the operating theatre. We also carry out minor procedures and dental procedures in this area. Hair is clipped from over and around the surgical site and the skin is thoroughly cleansed with antiseptics to prevent contamination during the procedure.