Puppy’s rocky road to recovery after consuming 25 gravel stones!


This lovely Border Collie puppy, Laddie, bit off more than he could chew when he swallowed around 25 gravel stones! Luckily his owners sought help from us straight away. We took x-rays which showed the stones in the stomach and intestines (stones appear as bright white on the x-rays). Laddie underwent major, life saving surgery to remove the stones from his gut. One stone remained after surgery, which was smaller and had gone through to the large intestine and so passed through on its own. It’s been a rocky road for Laddie but he is doing well since surgery and is growing up to be an ever fluffier collie.

Remember to pay close attention to what you dog is eating and get in contact with us if your dog eats anything it shouldn’t.


We also received this lovely review from Laddie’s owner:

I am the owner of Laddie the border collie puppy who recently had surgery to remove some gravel stones from his stomach as shown in there latest update. Can’t thank them enough they saved his life and we are so grateful. The staff are all mad about Laddie and give me so much love and attention when he goes in for his check up’s. All the staff are so friendly and very helpful they gave us regular updates on Laddie before and as soon as he came out of surgery to put our minds at ease. Thank you all so much from the whole family! Xx